Traditional and new paths to inner consciousness in the spiritual traditions

Special Session:
Scientific aspects of meditation

After the great success of the first Conference in Assisi and the second one in Rishikesh (India) there is now a new and important date with Sarva Yoga International with the tradition and inner search through the practice of Meditation.
It seems more and more urgent and impellent nowadays on individual and social plane to rediscover true values able to orientate modern human beings and society.
To quote André Malraux, who referred to the last century, we could say that “the twenty-first century will be spiritual or will not be”
The discovery of an inner space able to open new horizons and at the same time to root one’s existence in universal values and principles seems to be the only hope of a sustainable future.
After the euphoria for progress and economical development, modern man feels in its own existance, more or less consciously, the lack of sense of unity and belonging to a whole and a lack of inner richness to balance the excess of exteriority and materiality of modern societies only concentrated on personal and self-centered wellfare coming form material possessions.
All ancient philosofical, religious and spiritual traditions have emphasized the need of inner search toward a universal principle of unity which can only be reached in a dimension of interiority, of acceptance and concentration, including oneself and the whole creation.
On this path of inner seach, toghether with faith, etics and personal commitment, many sages and mystics of all time have shown the path of meditaiton as an instrument to meet the Transcendent in order to give true sense to one’s and other lives.
The meditation is the tool and the way to return to one’s origin and true nature and the aim as well to reach a state of unity, completeness and wellness.
The great Masters and representatives of many schools and spiritual traditions. Gathered in Assisi, will teach us the methods and nuances of the meditation as well as the meaning of meditation in religions and spiritual paths.

Special Session Science and Consciousness

Meditation is also a field of scientific research especially in the neurosciences, more and more interested in the effects of meditation on physical and psychical health and wellness, on personal behaviour and its social relapse. Many world known scientists of american and european universities, encouraged by H.H.The Dalai Lama, have scientifically established the benefits of meditation.
In this extraordinary event of Sarva Yoga will participate at the Conference some of the most prestigious doctors and scientists involved in studies on meditation in a stimulating comparison between science and consciousness.